Welcome to my site. I'm Robb (the guy up on the top left watching you on every page...). Thanks for coming. I hope you find something meaningful here. I have posted some stuff I have written that folks have found useful.

Most of the dynamic stuff I write is on my blog and this is really more a way for folks who are looking for me can find me.

My site and what I write is based on a Christian world view, as I have found that outside of a relationship with Jesus that most of life does not have much meaning. That is not to say that I have a lot of use for religion. If my faith were simply a set of rituals and rules, I would not be living it out. But I have found a true relationship with Jesus and God the Father to be life-changing, and the Holy Spirit really does act as a guide in my day to day life. This is powerful stuff, and though you will find many who would say it is silly or stupid looking from the outside in, I can say without a doubt that if you had tasted what I have tasted in relationship with God, you would never want to go back to being without it.

This site is for me to be able to share a small, somewhat static snapshot about my take on worship and music, business and a bit of family. You are welcome to look around. Various songs can be found on the music page, articles on the worship and business pages, and a bit about my family on the family page. Most of the dynamic stuff is in my blog.

Thanks for visiting!

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